Founded in 2015, Constellation City is an homage is the 1920’s World’s Fair. Set in the future, Constellation City is a vision of our futuristic city of tomorrow. The Constellation City images you see here, in true World’s Fair fashion, were designed by artists from around the world. Within each image, the constellation represented can be found hidden throughout the image! The vision of Constellation City is to show how one day we may all unite and live in peace, within our Constellation City.


Constellation City is excited to announce that JOEL GWIDT of Mute Cat Studios has been selected to be the exclusive artist of the Constellation Collection. Joel has immaculately captured the elegance of the early World’s Fairs, while providing a modern touch to Constellation City. Each painting is hand painted over many hours, and then a digital overlay is added with the Constellation City logo. Thus truly creating a work reminiscent of the past, while using technology of the future. Joel Gwidt is producing 12 paintings for Constellation City, each named after a Zodiac sign. Each painting also features the constellation hidden within the image! If you don’t see your zodiac listed, please send us an email! Joel is busy working on them year round, and we can provide a schedule as to when YOUR Zodiac will be released!